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The 1995 Version

A thematic philatelic exhibit by Nahum Shereshevsky

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Notes on the Internet Version

These pages are an adaptation of my heraldry philatelic exhibit as was shown at Jerusalem 3000 exhibition in Jerusalem, December 1995. The text was taken from the original files and the images were scanned from the original exhibit pages. Click here for details about my score.

If you are not familiar with thematic philatelic exhibits, visit this page: Notes on Thematic Philatelic Exhibits

I would like to stress that the main reasons of making the Internet version were to record the exhibit before I disassemble it to make my next exhibit, and to share my exhibit with others. The HTML code and the image scanning are the means to achieve these goals - it is not the purpose of these pages to show how to exhibit a philatelic collection on the Internet nor to demonstrate my skills in site building. HTML pages are different from word processor pages and cannot emulate them completely. My aim was to make the best transformation at a reasonable time. That means that I did not waste time on, for example, struggling with the stamps to keep them aligned properly in their mounts during scanning or trimming the black margins around the stamps evenly. Covers that are windowed on the exhibit pages have only 2 or 3 sides with mount margins and I kept the images that way. I made the HTML page structure as close as possible to the original pages. However, the Internet exhibit should not be judged for presentation!

The HTML page layout and background colour is based on the pages created by John Hodgkinson of Qeensland, Australia for his MAPS exhibition.

Each item was scanned twice, at different resolutions. One is 300 dpi at 20% size. This is about the largest size that enables the page to be viewed without horizontal scrolling. These images were used in the HTML pages which show you the text and the layout of the page. But this size is too small to see details of the items, so the small images are thumbnails to larger images, scanned at 400 dpi 50% size. Just click on those items that interest you from the page and you will see them in detail - the entire stamp if it is a stamp or the relevant heraldic part if it is a larger item. Note that these images can be as large as 40-50 K. The large stamp images are usually about 15-20 K.

The custom in thematic exhibits is that the text relating to philatelic aspects is visually different from the thematic text, usually in italics. This practice was observed in these pages as well.

The index page is an addition made for the Internet version; the original exhibit includes only the introduction (first page) and the plan (second page) as required in thematic exhibits.

Now that you got this far you are welcome to continue to the exhibit itself. Comments, advice, tips and spare stamps are welcome! Let me know if you wish to be informed when the next chapters are added.

Nahum Shereshevsky,

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