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3.2 Surrounding the shield


A member of an order of chivalry can show this as part of his arms, the usual manner is by putting the badge of the order on a chain or collar.


The Order of the Fleece existed in most of the countries that belonged to the Emperor Karl V.

The Order of the Annunciation    

The Order of the Garter and the Order
of the Bath are shown as belts with
mottoes written on them.

Garter: "Honi soit
qui mal y pense"

Bath: "Tria
juncta in uno"

Senegal  shows its  Order of the Republic on its arms the way European nations  show orders of chivalry.

There are two orders associated with the Danish royal arms: the Order of the Elephant, shown on a chain, and the Order of Dannebrog (next page), shown as a cross on the shield itself.

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