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4.2 Arms record history

The event commemorated in the arms does not have to be historically accurate: it can derive from legend or tradition.

The two monks with swords supporting the arms of Monaco refer to a tradition that the Grimaldis, the ruling family, once dressed as monks to capture a castle.

Legend attributed the three alerions (small eagles) on the arms of Lorraine to a miraculous bow-shot by Godfrey of Bouillon who pierced three birds with a single arrow.


This is an addition to existing arms bestowed by the Sovereign in recognition of an outstanding achievement or service.

General Doyle was awarded a canton with "Egypt" and a feather for serving there.

Malta as a nation
was awarded the George Cross in 1943
which was added to its arms.

  Admiral Brisbane was
  awarded a chief and a
  second crest for the   capture of Curacoa.

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