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4.2 Arms record history 


The change from a colony to an independent state, sometimes accompanied by a change of name, was also expressed in arms in a number of ways. 

Removing British symbols

Removing the Lion of England or the royal crown and changing the motto.

The political structure of British Central Africa was changed a few times before independence. Accordingly, the charges representing the colonies were re-structured in the corresponding arms. 
Rhodesia & Nyasaland: All the charges in one achievement.  Nyasaland to Malawi: sun moves from chief to base, leopard becomes a supporter, motto changes in meaning and language.

N. Rhodesia to Zambia: chief removed, eagle moves from chief to crest.

The Smith's white government kept the colonial arms unchanged. Zimbabwe kept only the crest, a traditional African soapstone bird carving, and the paly wavy from the N. Rhodesia arms as chief.

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