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6.1 Arms describe the owner 


Canting arms are armorial bearings that in their concept and design include some reference or allusion to the name of the bearer.

Direct connection - the arms show the literal meaning of the name 

Virgin for the
Virgin Islands 

 Castle for  Castile 

   Bells for
   Cloche (French)

Stag for Hirsch 
("deer" in German) 

The linguistic connection may not be immediately obvious

Singh-lion, pura- city (represented by the tower). 

Gotland - God's land, the Paschal Lamb is a symbol of Christ. 

Barbados is named
after the fig tree   Ficus Barbata. 

The arms can be a
pun on the name.
But sometimes  the arms come from
a wrong interpretation of the name!
(battle axe,
Halbred in
Czech) for
Baden in German
also means
"to bath".
Lyon comes from Lugdunum, the
Roman name of
the city, not
from lion.
  Bern has
  nothing to do   with "Baren"   ("bears" in   German). 

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