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4.1 The marshalling of arms


An inescutcheon is a shield which surmounts the quarterings in a composite coat, emphasising its seniority to the other shields.


The fleurs-de-lys of the Bourbons were added to the traditional arms of Spain: quarters for Castile, Leon, Aragon and Navarre, with Granada at base.


The shield of the Liechtenstein family surmounts the shields of five of their estates on the arms of the principality.

The inescutcheon on the Thurn and Taxis arms is the old Taxis shield. The quartered shields are Tour and Valsassina, titles acquired later.

The Bohemian inescutcheon in the arms of the Czechoslovak Republic that was established in 1918 emphasises the dominant part of the Czechs in the new state.

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